For Publishers & Distributors

A Digital Hosting Platform for Publishers and Distributors

Backed by a team of experienced publishers, Octavo provides a digital hosting platform for your books, together with the help and guidance needed to digitise your existing works or create digital-only content.

Self-Publishing Content with Octavo

If you’re an author, educator or publisher, our self-publishing system makes it easy to create your own content through the platform or digitise your existing publications. Our publishing team can also provide support in converting your content, sourcing artworks and designing your oBook.

Design your oBooks

After creating an account, you can design your oBooks using content blocks, imagery and comprehension exercises.

Choose your Price and Audience

Before and after publishing, creators maintain full control over their content’s price, licenses and audiences.


Your oBook will be published using your unique publishing imprint, allowing you to maintain ownership of your works at all times.

Breaking Down Barriers in Content Distribution

Octavo also provides a digital medium for well-established publications to be carried internationally. At the core of our internationalisation effort is our team of distributors – with a vast network of agents active within schools and organisations across the globe, hosting your content on Octavo creates an efficient and accessible method to distribute your content among a growing international audience.

Benefits of Publishing with Octavo

Maintain control over pricing and licensing
Gain access to a diverse marketplace
Receive useful data insight into your audience’s reading habits
Choose your distribution channels
No fees associated with platform set-up and maintenance

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