For Educators

Why Digitise your Curriculum with Octavo?

Octavo creates an online learning ecosystem designed to meet the needs of students growing up as digital natives. A hierarchical structure allows schools and organisations to assign roles carrying different usage rights, group users into classrooms and track students’ progress through multiple analytical tools.

An Ever-growing Library

Join over 35000 users and access a diverse and expanding digital library of fun, engaging and educational oBooks!

Levelling the Playing Field

Octavo allows users to stream content when an internet connection is present, and download oBooks to access offline through any device.

A Multilingual Community

The Octavo interface is currently available in English, Maltese and Spanish, with more languages to be added soon.

Inspire a Love for Learning

Creative and engaging lessons, tailored to students’ needs!

Enable differentiated teaching

With Octavo, students can learn at their own pace and in their own way to reach shared goals. Presentation of content can be customised and texts can be adapted according to the difficulty level and interests of individual students.

Literacy Tools

Multiple levelled-reading scales for content, an embedded dictionary, read-along and self-record options and comprehension checks through fun activities allow teachers to facilitate literacy among students and fulfil their educational goals.

Build custom textbooks

Develop your own uniquely-designed digital textbooks using text blocks, images and automated comprehension exercises to assess students’ learning progress, with assistance from our technical and publishing team!

Automated assessment

Finding the right balance between hands-on teaching and independent learning is facilitated by Octavo’s automated assessment feature. Students can learn at their own pace and advance to higher levels of difficulty according to their progress.

One click reports

Educators can monitor their student's progress through a birds-eye view, or focus their attention on one student at a time. Administrators may also monitor the school’s metrics to make decisions on curricula based on data pulled from reports.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Streamlining the log-in process makes it easier for students and educators to access Octavo. We provide several SSO options, allowing users to connect their Octavo account to their email or social network accounts.

Customisable Features for Readers


User-friendly and dyslexic-friendly fonts, font sizes and background colours


Filter your library and search for books easily

Take note

Bookmark pages and add notes anywhere in the text


Self-record and playback audio


Listen to audio narration


Look up definitions through the built-in dictionary

Automated level assignment

Assign reading levels through beginning-of-year assessment

Finetune levels

Manually alter reader levels


Receive reading achievements based on your activity

How to Deploy Octavo in your Organisation

It’s as easy as ABC!
Octavo was designed to offer the smoothest deployment and roll-out experience possible. You can enrol your school or organisation in a few simple steps.

Account Set up

Register an account, give a name to your organisation and invite users to join via email. You can then create licenses for your organisations’ members to access content through Octavo.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Ready

Our commitment to the LTI standard means Octavo is designed to easily integrate with the services currently used by education institutions.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Friendly

BYOD enables educational institutions to reduce costs on infrastructure, while creating an inclusive learning environment in which students can use their device of choice.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

In the digital age, the best decisions are data-driven. Octavo provides automated analytical reports based on one or more levels within the hierarchical structure, from individual students and groups, to regional, national or international organisations.

From tracking users’ reading times and comprehension abilities to conducting comparative analyses between various schools and organisations, Octavo enables organisations to generate custom-made reports based on accurate and current data, which can help inform your next steps – be it at an individual, group or national policy level.

With Octavo, there’s no limit to your organisation’s structure. You can grow your network by connecting with international organisations to enable cross-border collaboration, share content licenses with members of other institutions and formulate policies specifically designed for modern learners.

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